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Owing to the donation of Komercijalna banka, the Foundation owns professional string instruments of the prestigious Swiss music house “Jacqueline” which are being granted to musical talents for use. The collection was complemented with another three string instruments donated by the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Serbia.

Instruments are assigned musical talents to use, through the auditions.

Children who received the instruments in use:

MARIJA CVEJIĆ – VIOLIN 4/4 Mittenwald, Nemačka 1685

LEANA NIKOLOV – VIOLIN 4/4 Atelier Labate Magnie Mirecourt br. 15657

ANA PERČEVIĆ – CELLO 4/4 Milano br. 00108

URMINA NES MAJSTOROVIĆ – CELLO 4/4 Illner Riedl br. 17629

SARA DELIĆ – VIOLIN 4/4 Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis

KRISTIJAN PETROVIĆ – VIOLIN 4/4 Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis br. 15898

SUZANA SARVAK – VIOLIN 4/4 Atelier Kurtseifert br. 15522

MANUEL RISTIĆ – VIOLIN 4/4 Mirecourt br. 13753

JELENA PEJANOVIĆ – VIOLIN 4/4 Hofner br. 00192

MINA DINIĆ  – VIOLIN 4/4 Atelier Laberte Humbert Freres br. 15168

TIJANA NIKOLIĆ  – VIOLIN 4/4 JTL Label Nicolaus Amatus br. 15597

JOVANA GAJOVIĆ – VIOLA Gio Paolo Maggini br. 16538 Fecit Brixiae 1992

TAMARA SIMONOVIĆ – VIOLIN 1/2 handmade, master Otto Jos. Klier, Bubenreuth-Erlanger, western German

ELEONORA ANDJELIĆ – VIOLIN 4/4 Rene Jacquemin br. 15183

MARIJA RADOVANOVIĆ – VIOLIN 4/4 Gerardo Sarfatti br. 15009

ALEKSANDRA LATINOVIĆ – VIOLIN 4/4 Charles Luthier ButhodII br. 16218


Kristijan, Una, Urmina, Darko, Tijana, little virtuosos and the first generation chosen in 2007, today are at the prestigious music universities in Europe.

Proffesional help, scholarships and professional instruments were provided thanks to the help of donors and sponsors, individuals, companies and institutions. This has provided education in best conditions and their affirmation at the world’s art scene as recognized musicians.

Fond Deca Deci