Children’s Philharmonic Orchestra Tour in Serbia

Children’s Philharmonic Orchestra Tour in Serbia on the Occasion of Music Month

Children’s Philharmonic Orchestra will celebrate the Music Month by touring cities of Serbia. As part of “Deca deci” Foundation, members of this interesting philharmonic will perform on city squares together with their peers from host cities. The tour will include the following cities and dates: Zrenjanin (18.06. at 12.00 h), Novi Sad (18.06. at 18.00 h), Belgrade (21.06 at 18.00 h),  Niš (25.06. at 12.00 h), Kruševac (25.06. at 18.00 h), Požarevac (26.06. u 18.00 h).
Attendance is free and the admission ticket is an empty alluminium can – PET bottle. One of the main aims of the Foundation is the promotion of musical education, with new themes added every year. This year, the particular mission is to raise the awareness on ecology and environtment in children and thier parents.
The tour is made possible with the support of the US Embassy in Serbia, in collaboration with music schools from 7 cities in Serbia, and will include performances and connecting among children through concerts and solo performing. The repertoire will feature popular movie themes, such as “Rocky”, “Pirates from the Caribbean”, “The Deer Hunter”, “Star Wars”, “Schilndler’s List” and other.


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